Winter Sunday School Quarter

Begins January 12th 




(January 12 – April 5, 2020)


Epistles of John (Lamont Truttling, Main Room of Mekeel Hall)

Join us as we continue our in-depth look at the letters of one of the Sons of Thunder. These represent the last words of the aged and only remaining eyewitness to the one who is life eternal. As we work our way through John’s letters, we will find many parallels between the dangers faced by the budding first century church and us today. This winter, we’ll be working through the end of I John, and II and III John.

Women’s Class (Kathleen Mancuso, Turnbull House, 1st floor)

Kathleen Mancuso will be continuing her class for women. The class will be finishing the book they have been studying during the autumn quarter, A Loving Life by Paul Miller.

Becoming a Loving Community of Grace (Jaime Ayala, fireplace parlor in Mekeel Hall)

How do we develop loving relationships within the church? What does a community of believers treating each other with grace look like? God made us for interdependence and community. That brings both some of the greatest joys and toughest challenges of our lives. Living and working in community is not easy. The Bible is full of stories, examples, and instruction on living in community, probably because God knew that we would need a lot of help!

Let's explore together what it means to live in a Community of Grace. In this class we will learn from the Scriptures, engage in missiological reflection, pray from the heart, and even engage in some creative projects! Our goal is to build one another up in the body of Christ as we are attentive to what the Father wants to teach us through His Holy Spirit. 

(Adapted from Community of Grace, SIL, Int’l, 2019)




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