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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Walking in the Spirit Dr. Lawrence Roff 2016-08-28 Ephesians
Submitting to one Another As to the Lord Ephesians 5:22-6:9 Dr. Lawrence Roff 2016-09-04 Ephesians
Onward, Christian Soldiers Ephesians 6:10-24 Dr. Lawrence Roff 2016-09-11 Ephesians
The Almighty God and Frail Man Psalm 90 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-01-31 Letter to the Romans
The Love of Mercy James 5:1-6 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-09-18 Letter to the Romans
Bright Hope for Tomorrow James 4:13-17 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-08-14 Letter to the Romans
Yield Not To Temptation James 4:1-12 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-07-10 Letter to the Romans
Christ-Honoring Words James 3:1-18 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-07-03 Letter to the Romans
A Call to Integrity Psalm 101 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-05-29 Letter to the Romans
Our Lord, Our Glory Psalm 8 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-05-01 Letter to the Romans
The Joy of Forgiveness Psalm 32 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-04-03 Letter to the Romans
Desiring God Psalm 42 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-02-28 Letter to the Romans
Church Alive: The Conversion of Saul Acts 9:1-19 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2017-03-19 Church Alive
Church Alive: A Religious Man Becomes a Christian Beliver Acts 10:1-16 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2017-04-09 Church Alive
Isaiah 54-66 Isaiah 54-66 Rev. James Farinacci 2017-03-26 Isaiah (Adult Sunday School)
Church Alive: Persecutor to Preacher Acts 9:1-31 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2017-03-26 Church Alive
The Law of God: The 1st Commandment Part 2 Exodus 20 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2017-03-19 The Law of God
Lord Teach Us to Pray Luke 11:1-4 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2017-01-15 2017 Octave of Prayer
Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness Galatians 5:22-23 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2016-12-04 The Fruit of the Spirit
Isaiah 42-53 Isaiah 42-53 Rev. James Farinacci 2017-03-19 Isaiah (Adult Sunday School)

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