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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Restoring Courage to the Christian Life Numbers 13:28-32 Rev. Steve Surprenant 2018-06-17 General Topics
The Good News of Frailty 2 Corinthians 4:1-18 Rev. Brad Jones 2018-06-03 General Topics
Don't Feed Your Fear Joshua 1:9 Ms. Lindy Gower 2018-06-17 Children's Message
Hebrews (Class 10) Rev. James Farinacci 2018-06-17 Hebrews (Adult Sunday School - 2018)
The Journey to Rome Acts 27 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-05-20 Church Alive
Preaching Christ in Rome Acts 28 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-05-27 Church Alive
Hebrews (Class 9) Rev. James Farinacci 2018-06-03 Hebrews (Adult Sunday School - 2018)
Hebrews (Class 8) Rev. James Farinacci 2018-05-27 Hebrews (Adult Sunday School - 2018)
Led to Life John 10:1-18 Rev. Sam DeSocio 2018-06-03 General Topics
The Acts of the Apostles Continued Acts 28:28-31 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-06-10 Church Alive
A Light in the Darkness Ms. Lindy Gower 2018-06-10 Children's Message
What Get's Your Attention? Ms. Lindy Gower 2018-05-20 Children's Message
Waiting Patiently for God Psalm 37:7-8 Ms. Lindy Gower 2018-05-13 Children's Message
Paul Before Agrippa Acts 26 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-05-13 Church Alive
Give Me a Heart to Praise My God Isaiah 12:1-6 Dr. Jim Stewart 2018-04-22 General Topics
Be a Christ Server Not a People Pleaser Galatians 1:10
James 4:17
Ms. Lindy Gower 2018-05-08 Children's Message
Paul Before Festus Acts 25 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-05-06 Church Alive
God Gives Life Ephesians 2:1-10 Ms. Lindy Gower 2018-05-29 Children's Message
Foundating for Living John 11:1-32 Rev. Michael R. Alford 2018-04-29 General Topics
Hebrews (Class 5) Rev. James Farinacci 2018-05-06 Hebrews (Adult Sunday School - 2018)

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