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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Hebrews (Class 2) Hebrews 1 Rev. James Farinacci 2018-04-15 Hebrews (Adult Sunday School - 2018)
A Plot to Kill Paul Acts 23:12-35 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-04-15 Church Alive
Paul Before the Sanhedrin Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-04-08 Church Alive
Hebrews (Class 1) Rev. James Farinacci 2018-04-08 Hebrews (Adult Sunday School - 2018)
Jesus Christ Has Risen Matthew 28:1-10 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-04-01 General Topics
The Cross He Bore Mark 15:21-31 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-03-30 General Topics
Learning How (Not) To Doubt John 20:24-29 Dr. Paul Copan 2018-03-25 General Topics
The Humility of God Matthew 11:25-30
Matthew 21:1-10
Dr. Paul Copan 2018-03-25 General Topics
Paul Speaks Before the Jews Acts 21:37-22:29 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-03-18 Church Alive
I Kings (Class 11): March 18, 2018 Rev. James Farinacci 2018-03-18 I Kings (Adult Sunday School)
I Kings (Class 8): February 25, 2018 Rev. James Farinacci 2018-02-25 I Kings (Adult Sunday School)
I Kings (Class 7): February 18, 2018 Rev. James Farinacci 2018-02-12 I Kings (Adult Sunday School)
The Beginning of the End for Paul Acts 21:1-36 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-03-11 Church Alive
The Ephesian Elders Acts 20:16-38 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-03-04 Church Alive
Grace Greater Than All My Sin 2 Samuel 6:1-15 Rev. James Farinacci 2018-02-25 General Topics
Eutychus Acts 20:7-16 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-02-18 Church Alive
Gospel Men (Part 2) Acts 20:1-6 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-02-11 Church Alive
Thirsting For God Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-01-14 2018 Octave of Prayer
Gospel Men (Part 1) Acts 20 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-02-04 Church Alive
The Christian Disciple John 3:22-36 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2018-01-28 The Gospel of John

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