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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Case for Contending for the Faith (P.M. Worship) Jude 3-16 Mr. Matt Abbatiello 2021-07-25
Blessed are the Pure in Heart (A.M. Worship) Matthew 5:8 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-07-25 Beatitudes
Blessed are the Merciful (A.M. Worship) Matthew 5:7 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-07-18 Beatitudes
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst (A.M. Worship) Matthew 5:6 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-07-11 Beatitudes
Called to Contend for the Faith (P.M. Worship) Jude 1-4 Mr. Matt Abbatiello 2021-07-11
Blessed Are the Mighty Meek (A.M. Worship) Matthew 5:5 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-07-04 Beatitudes
Joy in the Helper (P.M. Worship) Psalm 121 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-06-27 Psalm
Adult SS 6-27-2021 Jim Mancuso 2021-06-27 Side by Side
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn (A.M. Worship) Matthew 5:4 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-06-27 Beatitudes
Adult SS 6-20-2021 Jim Mancuso 2021-06-20 Side by Side
Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit (A.M. Worship) Matthew 5:1-3 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-06-20 Beatitudes
Ransomed by Precious Blood (P.M. Worship) 1 Peter 1:13-21 Rev. Matt Mierski 2021-06-20
Adult SS 6-13-2021 Jim Mancuso 2021-06-13 Side by Side
The Anointed Conquerer (A.M. Worship) Isaiah 56 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-06-13 Isaiah
Bible Believing Christians (P.M. Worship) James 1:19-27 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-06-13 James
Standing the Test for the Crown of Life (P.M. Worship) James 1:12-18 Rev. Matt Mierski 2021-06-06 James
Adult SS 6-6-2021 Mr. Jaime Ayala 2021-06-06
Faith More Precious than Gold (A.M. Worship) 1 Peter 1:3-9 Rev. Matt Mierski 2021-06-06
2 Corinthians 13:1-14 (Adult SS) 2 Corinthians 13:1-14 Rev. Matt Mierski 2021-05-30 2 Corinthians (Adult SS)
The Call to the Nations Isaiah 55 Dr. Mark J. Dunn 2021-05-30 Isaiah

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