1823 - The First Session House was built on the current site of Mekeel Hall.

1943 - The Chapel replaced the First Session House.

1857 - Chapel was enlarged at the front and the back

1883 - Another addition was added to the front of the Chapel, allowing closer access to Union Street.

1912 - The Parlor Rooms were added.

1976 - Chapel was used as part of the stariting facilites for Schenectady Christian School (now Mekeel Christian Academy).

1996 - Chapel was renamed Mekeel Hall in memory of Dr. Herbert S. Mekeel, minister from 1937-1979.

 Mekeel Hall is now used for vaious church and local events, adult sunday school and our Sunday evening worship service. 


Photo: First Presbyterian Church Mekeel Hall, ca. 2017



For more information on the history of Mekeel Hall & First Presbyterian Church, pick up a copy of Sure Foundation: A 250-Year History of First Presbyterian Church Schenectady, NY , 1760-2010 a hard-bound 244-page book published in 2010.  These books are availbale in the Church Office. 

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Turnbull House

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Mekeel Hall

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