1760 - Church was established

1771 -  A church building was erected on the site of the present Mekeel Hall, and was demolished later.

1809 - The present building was started.  The exterior was in colonial style characteristic of the day, but the interior was unusual.  It had an elliptical auditorium, with a gallery continuous on all sides, but depressed at the north end to form a pulpit.  Union College students used to descend the east gallery to receive their diplomas from Dr. Eliphalet Nott, the president of the college from 1804-1866, and then ascend the west gallery to regain their seats. White walls and blue woodwork were the color scheme.

1834 - An addition was made to square off the front.

1859 - The transepts were added and the pews were changed.

1888 -  The clear windows were replaced by stained glass and the square pews across the front were replaced by the curved pews, as at present.  Victorian decorative interior.  The walls were painted green and the pews were grained oak.

1924 - The colonial interior was partially restored by repainting the walls and pews white, constructing a new, spacious vestibule, and church study and choir room in the rear.

1953 - The north end interior of the church was remodeled and a new organ installed.

2001- The foundation and roof structure were shored up and restored, and the interior renovated with repainting and replastering. Electric chandeliers were installed in the auditorium.


Photo: First Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, ca. 2017





For more information on the history of the Sanctuary & First Presbyterian Church, pick up a copy of Sure Foundation: A 250-Year History of First Presbyterian Church Schenectady, NY , 1760-2010 a hard-bound 244-page book published in 2010.  These books are availbale in the Church Office.

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