Spring Sunday School Quarter

Begins April 8th 



Taught by Pastor Jim Farinacci

R.C. Sproul would say that if he could take only one book of the Bible on an island, it would be the Letter to the Hebrews.  This body of work has many unknowns going for it. There are many opinions on who its author was, or the date of its composition, or why was it written, or even who the original recipients were.  What is evident is that the author is very knowledgeable in the OT which strongly suggests that the makeup of the intended audience is that of Jewish Christians.  The author exhibits great concern for his flock because they have been facing tremendous persecution. As a result they are showing signs of lapsing in their new faith and falling back into Judaism.  This letter masterfully lays out the case that Jesus is” so much better”, “offers so much more” than Judaism because he foreshadows and fulfills all of the types and symbols of the OT.  This is considered to be sermonic letter and after every sermon it is appropriate to choose a hymn that captures the essence of the message.  I believe that the author would agree with this choice: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus..and the things of this world will turn strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.”  Join us as we study “such a great salvation” as this.


Learning From the Great Awakenings

Taught by Jim Mancuso

Each week we will look at three aspects of the Great Awakenings of the 1740s and the 1810s in the New York/New England region.  We will work through how we can apply what we learn to our current situation. We will spend the last 20 mins. of each class period praying for the Lord to bring revival to our region again.  No text book is required; during some classes we will work from some photocopies. 




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