Summer Sunday School Quarter

Begins July 1st 



Summer Sunday School Combined Class 

For Adults and Middle & High School Students - Mekeel Hall, 9 AM, July 1 - Sept. 2

Join us! for this class on the connection between Christian community and your spiritual life. Come and grow together as Christ's body.

Your Walk with God is a Community Project - a DVD and discussion series by Paul David Tripp

Could it be that we’re missing one of the most important pieces in our walk with God? As Paul David Tripp reveals, the Christian experience is deeply relational. Community is counter-intuitive, but the Bible teaches that it’s mandatory to a life of faith. God has not called us to live in isolation as believers. He unites us to Christ and places us within a community of faith where we influence one another in profound ways. Your Walk with God describes Christian community as intentionally intrusive, Christ-centered, grace driven, and redemptive. Your marriage, friendships, and church can thrive in vibrant community. Real satisfaction of heart, real growth and change, and real purpose is possible. Learn how God has designed for you to function in biblical community




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