Fall Sunday School Quarter

Begins September 15th 



Fall Sunday School Classes

Adult Classes

Epistles of John (Lamont Truttling, Main Room of Mekeel Hall)

Join us for an in-depth look at the letters of one of the Sons of Thunder. These represent the last words of the aged and only remaining eyewitness to the one who is life eternal. As we work our way through John’s letters, we will find many parallels between the dangers faced by the budding first century church and us today. It is my hope that after we delve into the Johannine letters, we will find ourselves both challenged and encouraged: challenged to live out this life giving gospel in a more consistent manner; encouraged to know that we are loved and kept by Him who is very love himself. Please join us as we walk through the letters of John this fall.

Church Membership Class (Steve Barnett, upstairs in Mekeel Hall)

The new membership Sunday School class is for those interested in learning more about First Presbyterian Church (what we believe and why, our history, our future, etc.) having a better understanding of God's plan, what church membership is all about, meeting similar minded people and enjoying our time together.

Women’s Class (Kathleen Mancuso, Turnbull House, 1st floor)

Kathleen Mancuso will be continuing her class for women. The class will be finishing the book they were using in the spring quarter, and then using A Loving Life by Paul Miller.

Christianity in the 19th Century (Jim Mancuso and others, parlor in Mekeel Hall)

We will be watching a video each week from the Robert Godfrey video series entitled A Survey of Church History. This quarter we will be studying history of Western Christianity during the 19th century. This period of church history was a time of great expansion and spread of the gospel into Asia and Africa through zealous missionary efforts, which resulted from the Second Great Awakening, 1797-1825.




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