Winter Sunday School Quarter

January 7th- March 25th



I Kings

Taught by Pastor Jim Farinacci

In our study of I Kings we will discover how God preserves His Kingdom and works out His will through various kinds of opposition and obstacles.  The Lord promised to provide a king who will reign with justice and righteousness and establish His Kingdom forever, but as the author points out in the picture he paints for us, it doesn't look like it will survive long enough for the Lord to keep His promise.  So in spite of flawed and sinful humanity, the attacks both militarily and spiritually of the surrounding ungodly nations, and the evil one's desire to overcome light, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it and the Lord will establish His Kingdom and build His Church from all nations.  This class will meet in the main room downstairs in Mekeel Hall.

“The Foundations” (Psalm 11:3)

Taught by Lamont Truttling & Pastor Mark Dunn

Lamont Truttling and Pastor Dunn will teach an apologetics class entitled “The Foundations” during the winter quarter, Jan. 7th - March 25th. The class is a 12 week D.V.D. series produced by “Answers in Genesis,” an international apologetics ministry based in the U.S.A. and founded by Ken Ham. The class considers the following topics: the relevance of Genesis; being ready to give an answer for your faith, the unknown God, a six-day creation, one race and one blood, and death the enemy.  This class will address some of the most relevant issues the church is dealing with in the culture.  We plan to have time for discussion each week.  Please join us.  This class will meet upstairs in Mekeel Hall to the right, above the parlor rooms. 

Church Introduction Class and Communicants class for youth

Taught by Matthew Butts, Neal Cummings, & Jim Stewart

We invite anyone who is interested in learning about the church or about church membership to join us.  The class is open to youth (12 yrs and up) and adults.  We also encourage members of the church to join us as a refresher class. In this class you will learn about First Pres in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will find out about what it means to be a Christian, what Protestants and Presbyterians believe, about the beautiful doctrine of grace, and how to identify your spiritual gifts.  We will also explain what is involved in joining the church for those that are interested.  The class will be taught by Matthew Butts, Neal Cummings, and Jim Stewart.  The class provides an opportunity to get to know some of our elders in a more personal way.  This class will meet downstairs in Mekeel Hall parlor rooms. 



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