Join us this fall for our Adult Sunday School classes!

Classes begin meeting Sunday September 17th in Mekeel Hall



Paul’s Last Words, Studies in 2 Timothy (Taught by Jim Stewart)

Parting words are often very valuable, informative, and personal. Paul knows his earthly end is near and what he passes on to his understudy Timothy has a lot to tell us today.


Christianity Explored (Taught by Neal Cummings)

This is a class for Christians looking to begin a Home Group Bible study where unbelievers and seekers would be present. The class will go through a study of the book of Mark, exploring the life and person of Christ, using the study booklet Christianity Explored. The class will be run as if there were unbelievers present.  This will give people in the class a sense of what it would look like as a Bible study with 3 to 5 strong Christians and the rest unbelievers/non-church attenders.  This Sunday school class will operate as a pilot of sorts, for people interested in being either host, leaders or participants of an outreach Home Group.  Singles and couples are welcome.


Highlights of the Old Testament (Taught by David Gascoyne, Al Steinbach & Jim Silva)

For the fall quarter, we will cover key topics from creation through the settling of the promised land, the exile, and the return from exile.  We will show how a redeemer is promised throughout the Old Testament.  This is a class intended primarily for those who have little Biblical background, and will be offered to Union College international students, as well as First Pres attendees.  The format is intended to be informal and interactive.  Students will be encouraged to ask questions.  We will teach basic methods of Bible Study.


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